Friday, October 17, 2008

M&M Update

I hope you know how well we are doing with our M&Ms. Miracle moments are catching on which is exactly what we want. We want to make it a habit in our lives to be about inviting people to our church, about sharing our testimony of what God has done in our life and about sharing the Gospel. We have over 600 Miracle Moments that as a preschool we have shared since September 1st. Isn’t that amazing? I thought I would share with you some of the M&Ms we have had this past month.

Cathy – I recently visited with a young woman who was ten weeks pregnant, scared, out of work and all alone. I shared Christ with her. She was a Christian but admitted she had gotten far away from God. We got her to go to the Pregnancy Center. They were able to spend a great deal of time with her and help her out. Please pray for her.

I was riding my bike through a neighborhood garage sale last weekend and stopped at a house. I helped the couple move a piece of furniture out into the driveway where it could be seen well. I then invited them to church. They said they weren’t really church goers. This past Tuesday I went back by their house during our Outreach night and took them some information about Connection classes.

Stacie Edmiston – I shared my testimony with the checker at CVS. The conversation was sparked by my wearing my Ladies Ministry “Hope” shirt. I also shared my faith with the lady who cuts my daughter’s hair.

Sarah Tyson – I invited a lady at JoAnn’s to church. I also visited with the Mom of one of my preschoolers about joining our church. Her husband is not ready. Please pray for him.

Debra McDaniels – I shared my faith with 7 Beach Club students.

There are lost people out there who would come if we will ask them and there are lots of people out there that need to know Jesus. Who are you inviting to Trunk Fest and Team Impact? Make it a point to invite someone this week.

Have a great day in the Lord!