Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cathy’s Corner


I’m sitting here watching the rain pour down outside. It started raining last night and rained all night long, and has continued this morning. I took the day off yesterday to spend with my daughter who is here from Virginia. It never fails when I am out it seems we have tornado warnings and last night was no exception. While I was wishing I was up here when all this was going on, I called Judy and talked to her. She had the kids along with a few parents all taken care of in our childcare and tucked safely away downstairs. She was listening to our weather radio. She mentioned how informative it was and how confident she felt in the information she was receiving from it. I was completely confident in her ability to assess the situation by listening to the radio and her own judgment to take the utmost care of our kids and employees. Today we have leaks all over the building; and we had a delivery that needed to be unloaded from WOW but we couldn’t because we had no dry place to unload it and the contents would ruin if it got wet. They had to reschedule for tomorrow. We have classrooms that have huge leaks and the carpet is getting wet. There are trashcans out all over the building. It’s literally been raining for the last eighteen hours. When you have that much water in that short of a time without time to dry out; it has to go somewhere. So we will be wet vacuuming for the next two days and huge fans will be placed so the carpet will dry.  Hopefully today as you read this you will be in a nice clean, dry classroom in which to teach the children.


It’s somewhat like life. The storms in our life come on us and sometimes it literally just pours. Nothing seems to go right, one thing happens after another and it seems like it is never going to let up. In the midst of the storm we have two choices; one we can panic and show our fear or our other choice is what Judy did. She listened to the best possible information and made the best choice for the people she was responsible for. We have that option in our lives. We have God’s Word and prayer to get the best possible information. We can trust God will give us discernment and good judgment as we assess the situation. We can have the utmost confidence as we have faith in every situation that God is watching over us. It may seem like we need to explode and let off some steam or have a good cry. After all when it all builds up it’s got to come out somewhere. Then we have to deal with the results of those storms. There may be leaks that have to be stopped and cleaned up after like health issues, relationships that need to be mended; wrongs to be made right, apologies to make all from the result of a storm. Some things in our life may have to be rescheduled. We may be cleaning up for a few days.


As I have been typing this the sun is now coming out and the rain has subsided. Just like the rain eventually will stop, the storms in our life can’t last forever. While the storms left behind downed trees and some without electricity; the sun does come out and it will dry up the rain and leave behind green grass and beautiful flowers and sometimes even a rainbow. The results of the storms in our lives can leave some scars physically, mentally and emotionally; but if we’ve trusted in God and had faith in His ability to watch over us, in time it can leave us stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Genesis 9:13 “I set My rainbow in the cloud. And it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.” A covenant that requires trust and faith in Him.

Have a great day in the Lord