Monday, April 6, 2009

Cathy’s Corner
I’ve been pondering something this week and truth be told for quite some time now. How do you find time for all of the things and people in your life? Yes I know that’s no new question and none of us can seem to fit in everything and everyone into our busy lifestyles. But I’m serious? I meet people all the time or get involved in a particular project and spend some time with someone and would really like to get to know them. It is an acquaintance not a relationship. I really would like to spend time with them and get to know them but I never seem to have time to fit it into my schedule even though I keep telling myself that I will. I even tell them when I see them let’s go to lunch sometime. Sometimes these are people I know could use a new friend or could use someone to talk to even if it doesn’t turn into a relationship. I mean well but it just doesn’t seem to happen. I think about them, I tell myself I’m going to call them and then days and weeks go by and I see them and I am reminded I haven’t done it. They don’t know it, I don’t think anyway, but I do and then I want to kick myself because I feel like I should have called at least. But then I think about the relationships I have that I haven’t been working on either and I think “How can I start something new when I already don’t have time for the people in my life?” One of my daughters said the other day that she knows if she wants to talk to me she has to call me or she won’t hear from me. I felt so bad. She said it was okay because she realizes that is the way I am and that I get busy and just don’t ever stop. We will email or text or a quick word on the phone but she’s talking about a real conversation. My kids are now spread out from the East Coast to the Gulf Coast and in between. Just keeping up with them is a challenge and I’m not doing a very good job of it. All they want is some quality time and all I have to do is figure out how to give it to them, definitely no easy task.
Compare all of this to our relationship with Jesus Christ. There are lots of people out there that have busy lifestyles. They want to get to know Jesus and they want to spend time with Him but they can’t seem to fit Him into their schedule. They keep telling themselves they will and they know they could use a friend or someone to talk to and they mean well but it just doesn’t seem to happen. They get so busy and they let days and weeks go by and then something happens that reminds them that they haven’t spent time with Him and they could just kick their self. Jesus thinks about all the relationships He has and He desires a relationship with everyone of us. He can never have too many friends and He always wants to work on our relationship with Him. He wants to spend quality time with us, not just a prayer thrown up here or there, not just rushing through a Bible verse in the morning. He wants a real conversation with us; He desires quality time with us. He’s available not only from the East Coast to the West Coast or from the North to the South but to everyone everywhere all over the world. It isn’t a challenge to Him and He has it already figured out if we will just spend that time with Him. I’ve been working through a Bible study called Discerning the Voice of God with some of our ladies on staff at the church. It has been such an eye opening study to say the least and I love what God is showing me. I can’t wait to meet Him every morning to see what He is going to show me. Hopefully strengthening my relationship with Jesus will give me the wisdom and insight I need to know how to spend quality time with all of the important people in my life, not to mention maybe making some new friends and relationships along the way.

Have a great day in the Lord.