Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cathy’s Corner


So, in May we were again waiting on a baby. Our son and daughter-in-law were expecting at the end of June. J called me on May 18th and said they put Lindsay in the hospital because she had high blood pressure and preeclampsia. With our family history of having babies early and having preeclampsia, I wasn’t surprised.  I really had hoped since Lindsay was not blood related that she wouldn’t have any of the same problems that seem to plague our family. But that didn’t seem to be the case and there we were facing another high risk pregnancy. They were trying to determine if they were going to have to take the baby early. Hopefully they would be able to get Lindsay’s blood pressure under control and just send her home on bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy.


The baby was measuring at thirty-one weeks instead of thirty-four weeks. They were concerned about small birth weight since at Lindsay’s previous check up the baby was right on target. Six weeks doesn’t sound like a long time until it means that’s how long a baby needs to finish developing. There are organs that still need to develop, especially the lungs.


Preeclampsia causes the blood vessels to constrict, resulting in high blood pressure and a reduced blood flow that can affect organs throughout the body, including the liver, kidneys, and brain. When less blood is being delivered, it can mean problems for the baby, such as poor growth and too little amniotic fluid. Changes in the blood vessels caused by preeclampsia may cause the capillaries to "leak" fluid into your tissues. This results in swelling, known as edema. When the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys leak, protein from your bloodstream spills into your urine. A few studies have found an association between high levels of stress and preterm birth. The theory is that severe stress can lead to the release of hormones that can trigger contractions and preterm labor. Experts have also been studying occupational factors to see what effect having a physically demanding job or working long hours has. One study showed that moms-to-be who had to stand for more than 40 hours a week or who had extremely tiring jobs were more likely to have preterm deliveries.


Finally, some researchers are studying the role of genetic factors because preterm birth seems to be more common in some families. Hello, that seems to be our family and the only way to get the blood pressure under control is to get the baby out.  So they delivered the baby by C-section on May 28th. Grace Lynn Jones weighed 4 pounds and 9 ounces and was 16 ¾ inches long. She was the tiniest little baby and I fell in love with her immediately. Okay, I already loved her but now I had a face to go with that love. Since we have been used to some big babies these last six months, it was a change to have such a tiny baby in the family. She and Lindsay had to stay in the hospital for a week but are home and everyone, including dad, is doing fine. Gary and I got to go there the week after VBS and stay and help out. I loved getting to hold her, change her diapers, talk to her and sing to her, as with my grandsons. Last week at her check up, which was her original due date, she weighed 7 lb 10 ounces; she’s catching up fast.


This week Kiersten and Tex are coming in from Virginia Beach. Her husband Jay is in the Navy and couldn’t come this time. It will be the first time Kiersten will meet her new niece and nephew. So Gary and I, Cassandra, Scott and Jackson, J, Lindsay and Grace, Kiersten and Tex and Caitlin will spend a few days together. It will be the first time for Gary and me to have all three grandbabies together and we can’t wait. I’ve bought matching outfits - and yes two boys’ and one girl’s. I wouldn’t do that to Grace. We plan to have a great time and take lots of pictures.


My blessings are over flowing and I am thankful for three healthy grandbabies. I’ve prayed for them since I first knew they were on their way and I pray for them everyday. I ask God for Gary and me to be a strong spiritual influence in their lives. There is so much I want to teach them, but most of all it is for them to know how much Jesus loves them and for them to love Him with all they have.


Have a great day in the Lord!