Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cathy’s Corner


So Gary and I went on vacation last week. Our goal was to drive to Virginia to see our daughter and son-in-law in Virginia Beach and take some baby items and then to go to Washington DC and some other places. Yes we are going to be Grandparents come late November or early December. Remember the year of the weddings? Well does that mean this could be the year of the grandbabies? Three weddings, three grandbabies or more if there were multiples, wouldn’t that be exciting? But I digress. So we were taking a glider, ottoman and high chair that Kiersten and I found at a garage sale when she was here in June. I made new cushions for the glider and covered the ottoman and I’m making a new high chair seat cover. Try getting those in your back seat. Plus we had our suitcases, a case of hot sauce for the pregnant one, because you just can’t good Tex-Mex in Virginia, and other items. While traveling we ran into two hailstorms that caused us, plus everyone else, to pull off of the road because you couldn’t see. The first one blew an eighteen wheeler over up the road from us. I have pictures!

The mountains of North Carolina and Virginia were absolutely breath taking. When I moved Kiersten up there in November we drove through the mountains at night so we didn’t get to see much. In the Bible study I have done by Priscilla Shirer she talks about riding to Knoxville, TN and wanting to work on her laptop but she couldn’t because she was so taken in by the beauty of the mountains. Coming over the hill going east into Knoxville there on top of this hill was this huge white cross standing in all of its glory. She said it was like God was reminding her He was still here and He created all of this. Well we came over this hill and all of a sudden I saw this white cross. I’m telling Gary about the Bible study and saying that was the cross she talked about. Priscilla was right, the cross is just there rising up out of these mountains and it was just so breathtaking. It was reminding us that God is everywhere. He created our world and these mountains and the trees. If we will stop and look they are for our enjoyment. They are a constant reminder of how powerful God is and what an incredible gift He gives us through His creation.

The Monuments in DC are incredible as well and while man made they still have that awe about them. You see them on television or read about the history behind them in books but they are just amazing to see in person. Of course the Memorials for the men and women who lost their lives in our wars were humbling. Gary found the name of one of his high school friends on the Viet Nam Memorial. Arlington Cemetery is overwhelming. The history behind each of these monuments and memorials reminds us of all our country has been through and the sacrifices made by so many.

We are all looking forward to Kiersten and Jay’s baby boy, Tex.  While there, I put my hands on either side of Kiersten’s tummy and sang to him and I felt him kick twice. (I’ve already heard the comments about how he kicked so I would stop singing. I say it was because he was so excited to hear his Mema’s voice.) Once again I am reminded of God as creator. Baby Tex reminds me that God is still here and He created this new life. Tex will bring us all joy and he will be a constant reminder of what an incredible gift God has given us through him. Like the monuments and memorials in DC that were made to honor people and sacrifices made, Kiersten and Jay now have the opportunity to honor God by raising Tex in a Christian home with a strong spiritual foundation. One day they will be able to pass on to him a heritage of faith that includes a loving God, loving family and those who made sacrifices for him. And as we prayerfully intercede on his behalf, one day I pray, as he learns about the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for him, he will ask Jesus into his heart and begin a journey that is breath taking. I pray that Tex will see what an incredible gift God has given him in Jesus Christ.


Have a great day in the Lord