Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cathy’s Corner

I began riding my bike to work back in August and kept it up until about the first of November. That was when I discovered I had hip bursitis. Bottom line is it happens a lot to MIDDLE AGED WOMEN. I was thrilled to learn I was considered middle aged and it almost made it worth the pain. It is caused from getting older (of course) and repetitive use of that joint, i.e. riding a bike. The only way to get better is to stop the repetitive motion and stay off your hip for a while. So while I couldn’t stay off of it completely I did not ride through the winter, which works out because I don’t care for the cold. I started riding again the first of March but have slowly worked my way back up to four days a week. I really enjoy riding but it does make it challenging as far as being ready for work when I get here. I get my clothes ready on Sunday afternoon and bring them to the church and put them in the closet in my office. I have the necessary items needed to get ready for the day and I get here early so I’m ready to go by 9am.

Here is what I’ve discovered about riding a bike again. I have equipped it with a light in front and back, a side mirror to see behind me, and an odometer thing to tell me how far I’ve gone, how many calories burned etc. I have noticed that the tires need to be aired up regularly otherwise it makes it harder to ride. When I first started I had to build up to riding again because it had been probably 20 years since I had ridden. Riding my bike everyday has built up some muscles and made my legs stronger. I ‘m getting in better shape physically but now I just can’t overdo the whole hip thing. Now while I can’t go everywhere I want to go and it takes me longer to get where I am going, the scenery and weather is usually very nice. I’ve had to adjust how I do things; like run my errands on the weekend and make appointments when I do have a car. I actually have ridden by bike through the drive through at Walgreen’s (It won’t ring the bell. You have to knock), been to the bank, gone to get my haircut at Shelton’s and gone to the store. This week I went visiting on my bike and made three stops and two of those families were home.

So I started thinking one morning riding to church about how riding a bike and reading God’s Word were similar. Reading my Bible everyday makes me stronger spiritually like riding my bike makes me stronger physically. Every time I ride my bike I am building more muscle and endurance just like every time I read God’s Word I am building my faith and my spiritual endurance. Trying to ride my bike without enough air in the tires makes my ride a lot more difficult just like trying to get through my day is a lot more difficult if I haven’t filled myself up with God’s Word. Taking my ride nice and easy and not trying to rush allows me to enjoy the freshness of the morning. Taking my time reading God’s Word and not trying to rush through it allows me to see what He wants me to see and gives me a fresh new perspective for the day. Just like adjusting my schedule, reading God’s Word has caused me to have to adjust things in my life when He shows me something I need to do or change. Unlike riding my bike, God’s Word takes me places I never thought possible. I have learned a lot about myself from riding my bike and God shows me so much about Himself every time I get into His Word.
Have a great day in the Lord