Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cathy’s Corner


So today is the day, or at least as I type this, today is the day. By the time you read this it will be another day. But today is the day we find out what the second Grandbaby is going to be. Gary and I are going with the other Grandmother and get to see the sonogram and find out when Scott and Cassandra find out. We are so excited!!! I have bought a pink and a blue frame to give them depending on which one they are having. We already have a grandson on the way, so a granddaughter would be fun. But whatever it is, we just want it to be a healthy baby and for the Mommies to stay healthy. So I’m way excited about going to the doctor this afternoon to see my new grandbaby via sonogram.


Isn’t it funny how times change? When I was having babies (even in the ten year span of when I was having babies) they only did sonograms if they thought something was wrong. Now they do them at almost every visit. And what you can see in them has improved a thousand times. You talk about HD and 3D, it is amazing. The doctor was viewing Kiersten’s sonogram on Monday and her comment was “Wow look at those chubby cheeks!”  She was referring to his face of course for you guys out there that are thinking something different. Kiersten is just five weeks away from her due date and this week she found out the baby is already 7 ½ to 8 pounds. He is going to be a big baby.


But anyway, times and things have definitely improved as far as having babies. Most every couple now days wants to know what sex the baby is before he/she is born. I didn’t know with any of mine, even the one that I did have one sonogram with because she wasn’t cooperating. I went merrily along my way purchasing and decorating with non-gender specific furnishings and equipment. Seat belts and car seats were just beginning to be mandatory. Most people were bottle feeding and breast feeding was just coming back as a “must do” for your baby. We didn’t have three fourths of the gadgets and doodads they have now to better take care of baby.  When I went with Kiersten and Jay to start their baby registry I didn’t even know what a lot of the things were or that they were even available.  It makes you wonder how the rest of us ever got here and managed to survive in this world. I can only imagine how my Mother must have felt as we had things that she didn’t when she was raising children. In fact she had my brother in her parent’s house the day after a tornado, no running water or electricity because the storm knocked it out. She and my dad were halfway to the hospital when my sister was born in the back seat of the car. But they made it to the hospital with me (eleven months after my sister was born) and I was born in the hospital.


It does make you realize that you can do a lot of things with very little when you have to. God gives you the strength to do those things if we will just call on Him. He has always been present and always will be no matter how little resources we have available and no matter how advanced we have become through technology. He knew all of us before we ever had a hair on our heads and He keeps watch over us daily. What an amazing God we serve.


For you have formed my inward parts;

You have covered me in my Mothers womb.

I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

Marvelous are Your works,

And that my soul knows very well. Psalm 129: 13-14



Have a great day in the Lord!