Monday, February 8, 2010

Cathy’s Corner



What we all think we need more of is time. But really we don’t; we just need to make wise use of the time we have. Sometimes that means giving time to others. Here is an acronym I came across this week for time that might come in handy for you.


T is for Touch 

Being touched by the right person, at the right time, and in the right way can make a person feel very good. Human touch can actually improve mental and physical health. An appropriate touch can go a long way toward communicating love and acceptance. The well-timed touch on the arm, pat on the hand, squeeze of the shoulder or platonic hug can improve a person’s outlook. It may be the only touch they receive.


I is for inspiration

We all need inspiration. We need to know why we are toiling and sweating and sometimes putting up with difficult situations or people. Attending a class that encourages you, teaching these precious preschoolers or attending a worship service can be the inspiration you need to help you get through a difficult time. 


M is for Motivation

Two sources can be used to motivate people. The first is training that is specific to what they do or for what stage they are at in life. If you can find a good seminar, conference, book, class or CD that will help you do a better job, it can go a long way to help motivate you. The second is stories of life changes. All I have to do is look around at our Young Moms by Choice to see that there are life changes going on. I could tell story after story of the changes in these young men and women and the growth they are experiencing. Anytime someone can share about a challenging time in their life and how God got them through it encourages me. Knowing someone else has gotten through a difficult situation motivates me to hang in there.


E is for Encouragement

The best encouragement for any of us is when someone else takes the time to listen to us. Take the time to find out about people’s families, hobbies, and interests, and in the process, listen to their hearts. Listening makes a person feel special and valued. We all need someone who will listen to us. I have enjoyed getting to know some of the girls in our Young Moms group because I have been meeting with them one on one. I am learning about them, their families, their interests and what their needs are and how I can help. I’m giving them my time.


Have a great day in the Lord!





Cathy’s Corner


My Grandmother passed away January 27th.She was 100 years, eight months and two days old. That’s over ten years longer than my Granddad lived and twenty-six years longer than my Mother lived. Up until Thanksgiving she was as sharp-as-a-tack and in reasonably good health. She took medicine for a heart condition she had for at least thirty years, and as far as I know, she only had surgery once which was about twenty-five years ago. We celebrated her 100th birthday last May.

Why do some people live to be a hundred and others can’t make it to 60? How do some people have very few health problems and others are riddled with one after another? How can some people have an incredible memory and clarity of mind and others end up in a vegetative state for years? I don’t have the answers to these questions; I’m just thinking out loud. For the last couple of days people have told me how sorry they are. But I’m not sad. I feel bad for my Uncle and Aunt, her two surviving children. They all three lived together. My Uncle took care of my Grandmother and my Aunt who has terminal cancer. My Uncle has given tirelessly and unselfishly for the last few years while caring for them in his home. I just keep thinking, how can we be sad. Yes, we will miss her and there will be emptiness in our hearts. We can’t talk to her anymore, but she lived a long, full life. Her reward was awaiting her in heaven. She was able to see and live so much life and see so many changes in our world. She lived through the Great Depression; she raised four children and had eleven grandchildren, sixteen great grandchildren and thirteen great-great grandchildren with one great grandchild and two great-great grandchildren due in the next few months. I believe her quiver was full.

So how can I really be sad? I’m happy for her. Her body was worn out and she is in heaven now with Jesus, her husband, two of her children, her parents and her two sisters. She has a new body that doesn’t creak, leak or squeak. She can touch her toes, see without corrective lenses, run rather than inch along with a walker, and listen to the angels sing. She gets to be with Jesus every day. How can you be sad about that? She lived through so many good and bad things. How many people can say they lived to see as many changes and advances in the world as she did? But she is receiving her just reward. She gets to live in a mansion in heaven, walk streets of gold and join the hallelujah chorus. I’m thinking she wouldn’t come back if she could. I wouldn’t.

My great-Grandmother laid a spiritual foundation in my Grandmother’s life who laid a spiritual foundation in my Mother’s life who then laid a spiritual foundation in mine. I have laid that same foundation in my children’s lives and am looking forward to helping do the same for my grandchildren. So that’s five generations that are building on a spiritual foundation. Prayerfully that foundation will continue to build for generations to come.

So here’s to the legacy that has been passed on in my family and to all who reach the 100 year milestone.



Have a great day in the Lord!