Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cathy’s Corner

A Red bird built her nest in our tree last yea r (actually it was a holly bush) and she returned this year and built one in another bush. I’m sure she was busy gathering the small twigs, dry weeds, vine bark and necessary items she needed to build her nest to make it sturdy enough to house her little brood. She tucked it away in the bush which is probably five or six feet high so they would be protected from predators. Of course Gary discovered the nest because as he says I never go outside. But he heard the chirping and looked in and there they were again. He told me about them and I was actually outside one day and I asked to see them. Of course Gary told me that was weeks ago and they had already flown away. But he showed me in our trees where they could be found at times. You can see the red bird fly through the yard every now and then and Gary has seen the babies as well. It happened so fast that I pretty much missed out on watching the little brood grow up and leave the nest. Can I tell you that is how I feel about being a Mother? I’ve been a Mother for thirty-one years now, given birth to four kids and have become “Mom” to many more at one time or another. It seems like yesterday we were bringing Cassandra home from the hospital, our first born, our first daughter our pride and joy and we knew nothing about being parents. She came with no instructions and so we were on our own learning as we went with wanted and unwanted advice from grandparents and friends. Then J was born, the second, the first boy, our pride and joy again with no instructions. But we had six years of practice with Cassandra and were a tad more confident in our parenting skills. Then within five years of having J we added Kiersten and Caitlin. Parenting skills went out the window, while they were our pride and joy as well we were totally outnumbered and it was survival of the fittest for the next twenty years. But I ask myself where the last twenty years went and how did they fly by so fast. Much like the red bird I busied myself gathering all the things I would need to take care of my children and I did everything I could to protect them and provide a secure and loving environment. We raised them in a Christian home, prayed for them, loved them, comforted them and hopefully prepared them to fly out of the nest and go out into the world on their own. It just went by so fast. While they have grown up so have Gary and I and we have all had to learn together and learn to be patient with one another, especially at the dinner table. We’ve learned to accept each other’s little oddities because God made each one of us unique. We’ve learned forgiveness for each other through God sending His Son to forgive us. We’ve learned that God is our provider and protector when one of us is in trouble whether it is of our own doing or because of illness or wrecks. We’ve learned that every day of life is precious and not to take each other for granted when one was on the other side of the world fighting a war and through the loss of a Mema. While I certainly didn’t deserve any of them, I am truly amazed that God chose me to be their Mother. I can only hope and pray as they begin their families that all the things that we instilled in them and all the things they have learned that they will pass on to their children. Kiersten is expecting and we will welcome a new grandbaby into the family in November or December. Our nest is almost empty and I know we didn’t do everything right and there are so many things they have yet to learn. I can only pray that as they grow as adults that they will learn those things God still wants to teach them and they will seek Him every day. Happy Mother’s Day to all of our wonderful Mothers.
Have a great day in the Lord.