Thursday, November 6, 2008

Great weekend!

Trunk Fest was a huge success thanks to everyone. It was definitely a team effort this year with the rest of the staff taking on some of the responsibilities. With the added aspect of Team Impact, we were able to have the evangelistic emphasis. 212 people made professions of faith and there were many decisions for baptism as well. If you were here on Saturday night, you saw an entire family be baptized together. That’s what it is all about, changing people’s lives. God was honored in all we did.

We gave out 1000 bags with visors and information about our preschool as well as a few hundred more brochures. Teen Mops gave out almost 1000 brochures. We were inviting people to come back as we gave out the information. I met a family Sunday morning in the guest reception that were visiting. The first time they were here was Friday night for Trunk Fest.

The police estimated 10,000 were in attendance. I am so proud of your part as you invited so many people this past week. We had over 300 Miracle Moments just in preschool. Great job everyone. We are all getting in the habit of inviting people as we go about our busy schedules. Those people are coming and their lives are being changed.

Miracle Moments:
Last week our Preschool staff tried a new Italian food restaurant in the Mid-Cities area. The food was good and the service was great. We invited those people to come to Trunk Fest. I ran into a young woman and her daughter and invited the two of them to Trunk Fest.

Trunk Fest and Team Impact gave Brian Nelson a great opportunity to share his faith and invite guests. He invited 53 people, gave out 50 tracts and shared his faith and testimony 22 times.

Martha and James Llewellyn invited his soccer team to Trunk Fest as well as friends looking for a church home.

Steve and Tracey Hall invited 90 people to Trunk Fest and Team Impact.

Debbie McDaniels invited 21 people to Team Impact and shared her faith 40 times.

Kimberly and Chuck Blume invited 30 people to Trunk Fest and Team Impact.

We will have lots of opportunities to invite people these next few weeks as we gear up for the holidays. Be thinking about who you can bring with you to church and who needs to hear about Jesus Christ.

Have a great day in the Lord!