Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cathy’s Corner

I am so glad I got my tree up and house decorated the weekend before Thanksgiving, because the Monday after, I was on a plane to Virginia. I had been praying that I would be able to be with Kiersten when she was going through labor. Since they have no family with them, I wanted to be there for her and Jay. Kiersten wanted me there too. So when she found out she had
pre-eclampsia, I wanted more than ever to be with her.
On the Sunday after Thanksgiving I worked all day getting my tree decorated and all my decorations out. By 8pm I told Gary I thought I was ready. Monday morning at 10:00am Kiersten called and said she had been told to go to the hospital. They were going to induce. So I went home, got my bag and raced to the airport. (Thank you, Terrell Ann.) The earliest flight was 1:45pm. I would go to San Antonio, Nashville and Norfolk and get there at 10:00pm. I can tell you, I was brimming with tears thinking that I was not going to be there for my daughter. As I was getting on my plane at 1:30, Kiersten called and said they had told her to go home. She kept apologizing and wanted to know if I could get off the plane. I told her my suitcase was going to San Antonio and right then so was I and that I would decide when I got to San Antonio. I prayed the whole way and asked God to help me know what I was supposed to do. He gave me Isaiah 55:8-9 and I trusted Him that man’s plans were not His plans. When I landed I just felt like I was supposed to keep going and so I did. Kiersten felt bad. She said they did not know when the baby would come and if I came I would lose days off. I told her God would work it all out.
At 6:45pm, no sooner than I landed in Nashville and turned my phone on, did it ring. It was Kiersten. She said the hospital had called and they had reevaluated her tests and paperwork and wanted her to come back. Now I was only three hours away instead of nine. I was going to be there with her. I prayed and thanked God for His faithfulness and for knowing His ways and plans are so much better than ours. Had I turned around in Dallas and gone back home, when Kiersten called at 6:45pm, I would not have been able to catch another flight to Norfolk until the next day. I thanked God for His Spirit prompting me to continue to Norfolk earlier. Jay picked me up at 10:00pm and we drove to the hospital where Kiersten had already been admitted.
They actually did not begin the induction until 11:15pm and I was with Kiersten the entire time. I was able to calm her fears, to quote scripture when times were hardest and pray with her and Jay. I also prayed over Kiersten asking God to give her strength as she was in labor. It is an amazing thing to be able to play a part in a child coming into the world, whether it’s watching your own child or grandchild take his first breath or watching as someone places a child they have just given birth to into your arms or your children’s arms. I am so thankful for God allowing me to get there in time and to be a part of the miracle of the birth of Tex Major Trentacosta.
Then we remember that Jesus Christ came to us as a baby in just the same way, a miracle from God. What an awesome God we have. His blessings abound every day.

Have a great day in the Lord!